"I'm a person! I'm real! And I'm allowed to feel angry and sad. I'm allowed to feel betrayed by those I care about. And I am allowed to be jealous and hurt when I see other people have things that I can't even hope for because some stupid demon couldn't be bothered to make me so I would live -"


Aria is a construct created by the demon Djinn with the supposed intention of teaching his son something about responsibility. Initially, the girl had no knowledge of the world, whatsoever, leading to her frequently bringing her questions to Arsen. Though, her learning curve is steep, when Arsen had to be put into a coma so he could heal, Djinn instilled the construct with a basic knowledge of the world - while suppressing her memories of Arsen in an attempt to hamper her loyalties towards the boy.

Frequently tormented by her maker, it wasn't long before Aria came to a terrible realization: she was dying.

Full Name: Aria
Alias: Aria Kennet
Created: August 30
Age: < 1 year
School: Hogwarts, Slytherin 5th Year
Elements: Fire, Earth

Rhys Haines, dating

Karma Black, unofficial sister

Arsen Salvator, friend

Iva Popov, friend

Strengths: Eidetic memory, voice mimicry, immunity to fire, can sense other beings, affinity for fire and earth
Weaknesses: Young, suppresses things that bother her, poor self-worth
Other: Heterochromia iridium; handprints burned into her upper arms
Wand: Pliable, 10" Maple, Acromantula Fang core