Hogwarts Regenerated is a website run by Harry Potter fans. It's a role playing website where you can make your own characters and have them interact with others. On this website, it has the three European Harry Potter schools mentioned: Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons. The year is 2061 and war is on the horizon. Creatures are aiming for equality and their attacks on the general populace are increasing. Anti-creatures want the attacks to stop, no matter the cost, and the Ministry is trying to appease both sides, but that is becoming increasingly difficult as emotions flare.

All three wizarding schools are headed by creatures, which does nothing to quash parents' concerns about their children's safety. Creature registration has infuriated many creatures, who are now beginning to form alliances with one another. However this ends, it won't be well. Join today, and have a chance to make a splash.

Asric ChaosEdit

Iréne DelanoirEdit

Sacha RusnakEdit

  • Aria
  • Damian Gray
  • Djinn
  • Ethon Pyrrhos
  • Kendera James
  • Lainey Ladrón
  • Madisen 'Mad' Lewis
  • Ondrea Montgomery
  • Rhys Edmunds
  • Sophia Wyse
  • Vala Ramone

Anna TsheringEdit

  • Lena Vorstenbach
  • Abraxas Montague
  • Cornelia Wiesenreiter
  • Danielle Lamoureux
  • Dommi Cartwright
  • Jodie Bass
  • Kieran Cartwright
  • Laetitia Bellamy
  • Minos Hansoff

Cepheus TurrowEdit

Evangeline WoodEdit

  • Georgie Vane
  • Jazmine Vane
  • Sapphire Tyler
  • Adriana Tyler
  • Sienna Marshall
  • Chantelle Fontaine
  • Antoinette Weatherby
  • Mykah Ivanova
  • Dominique
  • Mélodie de Venin

J. J. JonesEdit

Karma BlackEdit

  • Treshawn Beneparte
  • Amora Kirke
  • Papa Popov
  • Brock Veni Cox
  • Niklaus Rafael Kazlov

Ksenia SokolEdit

  • Sergius Sicarius
  • Eliza Morozov
  • Xavier Carvus
  • Anya Akmetov
  • Pierre Lamoureux

Nova DohertyEdit

Savannah LerranEdit

Roman RitterEdit

  • Lisette Josse
  • Nolan Carde
  • Eli Patterson
  • Axel Volkov
  • Bethany Byrne
  • Luka King
  • Riley Yanin
  • Dead Charries

Iva PopovEdit

  • Alise Rusnak
  • Viola Seuss
  • Rhys Haines
  • Hunter Gabriel
  • Tovia