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Highmaster Sacha Rusnak

Asric: How did you know I was in?

Sacha: The Shadow was coming to your stronghold. I knew you'd be in.


Sacha is the only child of Yarina Rusnak, father unknown. He has always been good with people, almost supernaturally so. He has a vast network of contacts, many of whom don't even know who he is. Because of his way of tracking down desirable information and manipulating the affairs of others, he's come to be known as 'the Shadow', not only in Russian, but German, English, and several other languages, as well. In fact, he is the most influential man in the modern Wizarding World, though, his loyalties remain unknown.

Full Name: Sacha Rusnak
Birthday: September 7th
Age: 31
Occupation: Highmaster of Durmstrang
Alias: The Shadow
Blood Purity: Unknown
Relationship Status: To be married to Alise Nurse
Children: Matthew Rusnak (formerly Wright)
Strengths: Wandless/Nonverbal Magic; Immune to all forms of Mind Magic; Demonbane (immune to demons and their powers)
Weaknesses: Women; Incapable of performing Legilimency; a bit unfeeling
Wand: 11" African Ebony, Phoenix Tail Feather core