Savannah Lerran

Savannah: I won't get in trouble. No, you see, I'm going to plan this out, and my plan - when I come up with it - will be so full proof that I'll get off scot-free.

Savannah Julie Lerran is a half-blood first year Gryffindor who currently attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Full Name

Savannah Julie Lerran

Birthday November 28th
Blood Status Half-Blood
School Hogwarts
House & Year Gryffindor & First

Julie Lerran

Scott Lerran (deceased)

Wand Firm, Willow, Phoenix feather, 12 inches
Friends J.J. Jones

Kirsten Cresswell

Joschka Maddox

Pets Ross (Grey cat)
Relationship Status Single
Order Protectores Mundi


Savannah was born on November 28th to Julie and Scott Lerran. Her first few years of life were rather happy, univentful and

First YearEdit

Friends and EnemiesEdit